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ASE-Certified Mechanics For Your Auto Repair in Springfield, Illinois

Whether it is because of routine wear and tear over time or reckless driving, the chances are, your vehicle will experience some type of failure and need auto repair. If you are in the Springfield, Illinois area, the number one option for auto repair is at Ruggless Auto Service. We have ASE-Certified mechanics with over 40 years of experience providing superior auto repairs at affordable rates. We offer free estimates. Read below to learn about our specific auto repair services that we provide.

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Brake Repair & Replacement

The brake system is the most important safety component of any vehicle. With inefficient brakes, comes the potential for traffic accidents, putting everyone in the car at risk. However, unless you are familiar with vehicles, you may not notice when it is time to have your brakes serviced. Ruggless Auto Service provide brake system inspections and brake repair and replacement. Our inspection and repair service covers your:

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Wheel Alignments

While most people think about tire pressure and tire rotation, they tend to neglect the need for wheel alignment. However, wheel alignments help extend the life of your tires, suspension system, and vehicle. Wheel alignment helps improve your tire wear, fuel economy and vehicle’s performance.

Signs That Show Your Vehicle Needs A Wheel Alignment Include:
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Steering & Suspension Systems

Efficient steering is important for any vehicle and helps maximize safety while on the road. That is why when your suspension and steering systems start to show signs of failure, you get those problems addressed quickly. Otherwise, it is a risk every time you get behind the wheel. Look for the following warning signs and call Ruggless Auto Service for auto repair to your steering and suspension system.

Call Ruggless Auto Service To Repair Your Suspension Components Such As:

Electrical Diagnostics

Your electrical system is what responsible for your lights, radio, windshield wipers, and even starting your vehicle. When you are having electrical problems and need quick affordable repairs, contact Ruggless Auto Service. Our experienced mechanics can resolve issues with your alternator, starters, radiator, air conditioning, lights, and windshield wipers. We’ll identify the problem with an electrical diagnostic test and go from there.

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Fuel Pumps & Water Pumps

Your vehicle relies upon your fuel pump and water pump in order to perform efficiently. If your vehicle overheats, it could be because of a faulty water pump. However, once our certified mechanics take a look, we can accurately identify the problem and begin on a resolution. Contact Ruggless Auto Services for:

Fuel Pump: This is responsible for the efficient flow of fuel to your engine. If your fuel pump has problems, it results in poor fuel economy.

Water Pump: This component is responsible for cooling your engine by supplying it with the coolant. If this is faulty, your engine may overheat frequently.

Muffler Repair

A vehicle’s muffler is responsible for reducing the noise pollution of your car. When your vehicle starts being louder than normal or making strange noises from the tailpipe, you probably need muffler repair service. For muffler repair in Springfield, Illinois, you can rely on our certified technicians at Ruggless Auto Service who have over 40 years of experience. Stop by our auto shop and request a free estimate!

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Transmission Repair

Your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for shifting your car’s gears and increasing and decreasing speed. Your car has either an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Ruggless Auto Service provides transmission repair, rebuild and replacement for both. It is important to not trust any mechanic with your transmission; this complex system requires the experience and knowledge of a specialist. We have over 40 years of experience with transmission repair and guarantee we can restore your vehicle’s transmission back to pristine condition.

When you are experiencing transmission problems, you can rely on our experienced, certified mechanics at Ruggless Auto Service for your transmission repair in Springfield, Illinois.

The Signs Your Transmission Is Having Problems Include:

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Call Our Auto Repair Shop and Ask Us About Our Warranties, Guarantees, and Discounts! We Offer Free Estimates